Camp Bali


Body of yours funktionella träning

Body of yours Retreats är ett program skapat för att ge dig möjligheten att bygga upp din fysiska och mentala grund som du behöver för att få en starkare och friskare kropp och ett mera aktivt liv.

Body of yours handlar om långsiktighet. Som deltagare i programmet får du jobba med funktionell träning som syftar till att stärka många olika muskelgrupper och som samtidigt ger ökad balans och koordination. Du får också teoretisk kunskap om träning i form av föreläsningar.

April & November

Bali - Indonesien 

Följ med oss ​​för en andlig resa som kommer att föryngra din själ. Tillbringa 8-10 dagar och fördjupa dig i daglig yoga, meditation, spa-behandlingar, balinesisk läkning, utflykter, vandring & träning. Skäm bort ditt sinne, kropp och själ på denna intima lyxresort! Privat kock, lyxrum och allt du behöver för denna all-inclusive-upplevelse

Coach Faisal!

April & December

Torrevieja - Spanien 

Vi tar med dig till Torrevieja  en känd turist ort där du får uppleva staden och orten med träning andlighet och äventyr. Vi tar med dig på en 4-7 dagars inre resa med dig själv där du får dela en helt fantastisk upplevelser med en mindre grupp.  

Body of yours

Mars & Oktober


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Body of yours

Vad bör jag veta?

What time should I arrive at Water Valley?

You should arrive between 2 and 4 pm on the afternoon before your scheduled hunt.

What can I expect when I arrive?

Upon arrival, proceed to the large red building in the center of the premises which is the Dining Hall. We will check you in, settle your account, and get you settled into your accommodation.

When is my hunt officially over?

Your hunt is paid through supper on the last day of your hunt.

Can I stay an extra night at Water Valley?

Yes. Providing space is available we charge $50.00 per person for the additional night's stay which includes breakfast the following morning.

What kind of rifle should I bring?

.243 or above

What kind of terrain is hunted at Water Valley?

The terrain at Water Valley is varied. Clearcuts, young pine plantations, mature, thinned pine plantations, hiils, hollows, hardwoods, pastures, creek bottoms, river bottoms, powerlines...

How much "orange" is needed to hunt in Alabama?

Alabama requires 144 square inches of solid orange.

What equipment will I need?

Weapon, ammunition, hunting clothes, flashlight, extra batteries, camera, and clean shoes to wear around the lodge.

What does my daily fee to hunt at Water Valley include?

It includes meals, lodging, on site transportation, semi-guided service, cleaning, skinning, quartering you kills and packing them on ice for your trip home.

What is an appropriate gratuity (tip) for my guide and lodge staff?

Industry standard tips are +/- 15%.

Can we hunt varmints at Water Valley?

Yes, you may take bobcats, hogs, coyotes, no additional fees

How many deer can I take during my hunt?

Three-day hunters can take three bucks and one doe. Four-day hunters can take three bucks and one doe. Seven-day hunters can take three bucks and one doe.

Do you charge for button bucks?

Yes. We charge $500 for accidentally taking a button buck. We charge $750 if taken with intent.

Can I bring non-hunters?

Yes, you may. We charge $150. per day per non-hunter.

Can my non-hunting friend film / watch my hunt?

Yes they can, space provided. They are considered spectators and as such pay $250. per day.

Do I have to share a room with other hunters?

At Water Valley we neither mix groups nor do we separate them. So you will be rooming with the people you come with but never a stranger.

My friend snores. Can I have a private room?

Yes, when available we offer private rooms. We charge an additional $75.00 per night for private rooms.

Can we hunt hogs too?

Yes. Hogs are considered a bonus during deer season.

Will Water Valley pick guests up at nearby airports?

Yes. Airport pickups are $150. Each way.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We do not offer refunds. All deposits are non-refundable.

What about no-shows?

No-shows will be held responsible for full balance due on hunt.

What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is not allowed in Water Valley Lodge buildings, sleeping quarters or vehicles.