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BODY OF YOURS Activewear

“Be yourself, dare to be different, love yourself and be proud”


Boy Activewear is so much more than just another clothing brand. Not just because we prioritize comfort and high quality and managed to combine it with a cool style, but because we make sure that you can wear our brand with good conscience.


We travelled to New Delhi ourselves to meet with different fabric distributors and choosed this fabric with care and knowing that no children has been involved in the production and no toxins used. We also stayed one week with the production team in Pushkar to ensure that the working conditions for the employees are good and to create a personal contact with the family run small factory we have chosen to work with.


Boy Activewear is also about making a statement. You should never excuse yourself for who you are, be true to yourself, stand up for your beliefs, don’t be scared to show of that awesome personality of yours, and God damn it, be proud of who you are and the body that carries you through life. You only get one body so you better treat that body of yours like the king or queen you are. Own it.


Cool designs combined with high quality,

it doesn't really get much better than that.

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Mail: faisalboye@gmail.com

Adress:Birger Jarlsgatan 70

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